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Adrian Panaite, perhaps the only journalist who deserves respect for articles realistic about the real estate market, make the parallel interesting between the USA and ROMANIA. Inspection lost seven newly built stadiums for the championship, because in them has only recently started to work. According to Unger, but there is nothing unusual. "It's not that we look at the plans and said that everything is fine," said the officials. "We'll come back and we'll keep track of how the progress of construction and in the event that the plans are followed," he added.

The captain of pietrenilor remembers that they did good business on the backs of the match: "They were selling off the photos to match. I've sold and I picture with the two teams. I gave the mayor Baghiu, to Savinesti. He gave me the equivalent of a hundred new lei”.

here I need to define clearly the act neindeplinit or made defective. the law gave the 90-day period for payment of fees, until September 10. if you were operating on up to that time and were paying taxes, were exonerated of criminal liability. ngo posed as a operating on it clearly states that it's valid from the 1 October. he, as I said no one clear bet "ba, take care that from 10 September until 1 October is crime if you will continue the activity". well, that is clear from the law, I was supposed to read. I pray, I don't really see the abuse in the service here.

In certain circles there is speculation that this Schmidt is the architect of the project Iohannis, the mayor of Sibiu has arrived the president of Romania, overnight. In this project we have two anomalies, the sociological, the first refers to his notoriety Iohannis, who in 2012 was under 30% at the national level, and the second at the second round of the presidential election where ”our German” and has doubled the number of votes in the first round. This shows us that mr. Schmidt has been very busy in the last three years.

But here's why we need a system by which to recover from these firms amounts at least equal to the collateral damage people's products and companies that I have no guilt. At the outset I insisted that the financial industry, not taxpayers, to bear the costs in the event that the large financial company go wrong. The goal is to do it in such a way as to be sure that taxpayers will never again be at the mercy of a firm considered "too big to fail".

Unlike previous editions, the CULTURE came this year, more and more parents. "It's a sign that I'm starting to realize how important it is to invest in children's education. On the other hand, once with the entrance in the EU, have dropped a lot and the fees charged for the Romanian students from the european institutions and for many families it is about amounts acceptable”, says Alexandru Ghita, the organizer of the fair.

all the materials (wood) are treated by the latest technology and are "organic" (without the substances and chemical treatments which in time decompose into dangerous compounds health - cancer, asthma, allergies, etc.). he told me that, they say, the double glazing with the frame of PVC from the us, there are carcinogenic, in the west are no longer used for years... this will be a new building boom on the Romanian market in the future, when it will arrive and in "fashion" with the eco and bio and they romanasii snobs PVC links down to replace them with wood.